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If you where driving a scooter on the mountainslides around the small village Ammarnäs in the Northern Sweden a sunny winter day, which ideas would you get in your head?

Perhaps you would be inspired by the glittering icicles or the strong beautiful sunlight that required sunglasses that day. The young couple Erik and Emilia decided there and then to create a collection of sunglasses with Northern signatures. 

The idea of E&E Glasses was from the very start ment to be a trendy and given accessory in every wardrobe, not only for the one's with an eye defect. The frames are not only available on our website, but also in selected optical stores and high end fashion stores. The glass can also be replaced with window glass in different colors for a variation.

All glasses are named after Northern signatures like for example villages, places, nature and the Northern lights. E&E's stylish sunglasses are named after beaches and holiday resorts.

"There are two things that inspires us in our collections. One of them is the simplicity of the Swedish design, and the second one the rugged beauty of the Northern nature. Our desire is to place both Sweden and the North on the map of great design and fashion."

Erik & Emilia


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